CIMTO is in a leading position in testing of packages and packaging in the domestic and international market

Based on the authorisation of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic for certification of transport packages for dangerous goods and relevant accreditations, we carry out tests and certification of virtually all transport packages.

We primarily focus our activity on packages intended for packaging and transport of dangerous goods according to international agreements and transportation regulations.

We use the latest expertise, as well as an appropriate technical background.

We do not test the attributes of those packages that belong to the top risk group of dangerous goods, but those that are part of shipping and handling, which may endanger each of the goods during the transportation and are therefore also dangerous. In particular, vibration, repeated shocks, including horizontal impacts, and long-term air conditioning in extreme conditions are risk factors.

We perform all the necessary tests for drums, wooden drums, canisters, boxes, bags, combination and composite packaging, fine metal packaging, group packaging, IBC (large containers for the bulk of the substance/solids flushed by gravity), flexible IBC/FIBC/IBC for solids flushed under pressure, IBC for liquid substances and for large packaging.

Among other things, we also test and verify current packaging and also verification of cardboards properties.

Accredited laboratory

We have our own Test laboratory no. 1075 (AZL no. 1075) for testing the packaging and IBC containers in particular for dangerous goods in accordance with international rules and standards – certificate of accreditation no. 399/2015 (ČIA accredited according to CSN EN ISO/IEC 17025).

Our laboratory equipment allows us to test all packaging material (metal, wood, large materials, cardboard, paper, plastics, glass and ceramics), because it has the required long-term climate control for certain materials in extreme conditions.

In accordance with the mandate of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and international regulations

Our company is entrusted by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic with the testing of design types of packagings, large containers for bulk substances and large packages, the allocation of UN codes to approved design types, the control of the production and use of the above mentioned design types, IBC inspections within time deadlines set by the applicable technical standards, and in accordance with the international transportation regulations.

  • RTDG - Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (UN)
  • ADR - European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road
  • RID - Regulation concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail
  • IATA-DGR - International Air Transport Association - Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • IMDG-Code - Dangerous Goods Code
  • ADN - International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Inland Waterways

Centre of technical standardization

Per our 2007 contract with ÚNMZ, we have worked as the Centre of Technical Standardization in the field of packaging, packaging, packaging materials, pallets and containers. In this area we provide the coordination and implementation of the tasks of thetechnical standards in accordance with the plan of CEN, ISO and technical standardization in the Czech Republic.

In the framework of international cooperation in the field of standardization, we provide and collect comments on technical standards and create process summaries of the opinion for the Czech Republic, which are transmitted by ÚNMZ to the international secretariats of the CEN TC 261 and ISO TC 122, CEN TC 172, ISO TC 104, and ISO TC 51.

Membership in national and international organis ations

Magdalena Bambousková, Dis., the head of the CTN, is a member of:

  • Advisory body to the president of ÚNMZ – RTN (the Council for Technical Standardization),
  • President of the 3 TNK (Technical Normalisation Commission)

CIMTO Ltd., is through Mrs. Magdalena Bambousková, Dis., a member of the below listed national and international organisations:

  • CEN TC 261 and ISO TC 122, where she represents the Czech Republic on behalf of ÚNMZ,
  • Working groups of CEN TC 261/WG16 (Dangerous goods packaging) and WG 27 (Child resistant packaging), and
  • Working groups of ISO TC 122/SC 3/WG 8 (Dangerous goods packaging) and WG 3 (Child resistant packaging).

Certification department

We provide certification and assessment of conformity of products with the essential requirements according to official legislation for technical requirements for aerosol dispensers. We also carry out certification of packaging with child-resistant closures and the assessment of tactile warnings for the blind or visually impaired, and for the packaging of chemical substances and dangerous products in accordance with the law on chemicals no. 356/2003 Sb.

This certification applies to the following products for packaging, transportation and storage according to international transport regulations, national legislation and technical standards:

  1. Woven plastic bags, plastic foils, and textile fabrics and paper,
  2. Wooden packaging,
  3. Cardboard boxes and drums,
  4. Boxes and other articles made of metal or plastic,
  5. Plastic bottles, canisters and drums,
  6. Metal drums and containers (up to a volume of 450 litres),
  7. Fine metal packaging,
  8. Reservoirs, tanks, containers, IBCs and large packagings (up to 3000 litres), and
  9. Aerosol dispensers (up to 1000 ml).

Our history

1991 - formation of the state enterprise CIMTO s. p.

CIMTO is a direct successor of test and research activities in the field of transport packaging and packing, which was part of the comprehensive activities of the scientific research base IMADOS (Institute of handling, transport, packaging and storable systems). A stateinspectorate, which carried out the evaluation of the quality of the packaging and packaging materials, was added to the establishment of the CIMTO in 1991.

2015 – transformation of the establishment and change in ownership

On the basis of the reorganisation processes carried out by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, the state enterprise Centre for information and mechanical testing of packaging CIMTO, s. p. (IN: 00311391) changed to CIMTO, s. r. o. (IN: 04050657).

CIMTO Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Transport Research Centre, v. v. i.

The Founder of the Transport Research Centre, v. v. i, is the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.