Certification of common goods packaging

We perform certification of transport packaging intended for ordinary goods (it is not classified as dangerous goods according to international regulations).

Based on the specification of the applicant, usually the manufacturer of the packaging or filler, we will design a methodological guide in accordance with technical regulations and standards, containing a list of recommended tests in order to verify the mechanical properties of the packaging. The CIMTO laboratory is equipped to carry out a wide range of tests simulating the behavior of packaging during loading, unloading, transport and storage. These include tests:

  • load capacity,
  • stackability,
  • cyclic lifts,
  • drop tests,
  • fork lift truck handling,
  • horizontal shocks simulating the tilting of the package when cornering or emergency braking,
  • vertical vibrations simulating transport and more.

The output of the testing process is a Type Certificate.

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