Child resistant packaging

CIMTO, s. r. o., offers its rich experience with the testing and certification of child-resistant packaging for many years. We are the members of working group for child resistant packaging in CEN and ISO.

The child-resistant packaging consists of a container and corresponding closure (as a finished product), which is difficult to open and whose contents are difficult to access for children in the age range of 42 to 51 months, but whose normal use is not difficult for adults. The availability of packaged content for adults is tested on the age group of 50 to 70.

According to which laws are the tests being carried out?

The testing of child-resistant packaging is carried out in accordance with valid national and European legislation:

  • chemical law no. 350/2011 Sb., as amended, and
  • law no. 634/1992 Sb., on consumer protection, as amended.

For child-resistant packaging testing the technical standard ČSN EN ISO 8317 is essential - (Packaging – Child-resistant packaging – Requirements and testing procedures for re-closable packages).

  • this standard is part of the executive regulations of the chemical law, and therefore binding,
  • specifies the requirements and test procedures for child-resistant packaging,
  • is the optimal result of research on an international scale,
  • applies only to the approval of the design type, but,,
  • does not apply to the verification of the quality.

What is repeatedly closable packaging?

Packaging that can - after the first opening - be repeatedly closed with the same degree of resilience and is capable of repeating this cycle as many times as disposal of the entire content requires without diminishing the degree of resistance.
CIMTO, s. r. o., has this test method accredited. Part of the tests carried out directly on children and adults, in accordance with the requirements of technical standards (age, gender, number of examiners, etc.) also demonstrates tightness, thus checking whether the packaged content - the substance or mixture - does not spontaneously leak.

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