Inspections and leakproofness tests of IBC ́s containers

IBC containers in the original intermediate bulk containers are intended for transport and storage of dangerous liquids. We carry out testing and inspections set by international regulations.

Why is it necessary to carry out inspections and leakproofness test of IBC ́s containers?

The Road Transport Act No. 111/1994 Sb. PART III - Carriage of Dangerous Goods in Road Transport (§ 22 - § 23) states that the consignor (the person transporting dangerous goods for carriage) must use only approved and prescribed packaging for the transport of dangerous goods.

What are the inspections and leakproofness test intervals for IBC containers?

In most cases, the first inspection and leakproofness test is carried out by the manufacturer, otherwise it must be subjected before first use, at intervals not exceeding two and half years or after each repair of the IBC.

How does the inspection and leakproofness test of IBC containers take place?

During the inspection, the conformity with the design type, including the marking, theinternal and external condition and the service life of the service equipment, shall be checked before the first putting into service and then at intervals of not more than five years, at the intervals of not exceeding two and a half years, the external condition and serviceability of the service equipment shall be checked. When testing the leak before the first use, at intervals not exceeding two and a half years, or after each repair, the airtightness of the vessel's IBC shall be verified by an air pressure of at least 20 kPa (0,2 bar) for at least 10 minutes.

After inspection and leakage tests, a report is issued. The report on each inspection and test shall be kept by the IBC holder until the next inspection or test at least.

We act on behalf of the Ministry of Transport for the certification of transport packages for dangerous goods and on the ebase of related accreditations.

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