Expert service - simulation of usual transport

In the area of common goods and its transport, we are able to create a series of test procedures from the tests that model the major transport risks and which we perform as a standard.

We are able to simulate all usual and also specific transport conditions (all usual transport loads).

For this we use up-to-dated technical knowledge, current technical regulations as wll as the relevant technical background of the laboratory.

We call this activity an expert service, and it is intended to cover the various specific customer needs beyond testing for the certification of dangerous goods packaging. These are not just the needs directly related to the transport of goods, but also, for example, designing the packaging construction or quantification of the packaging parameters (eg load capacity).

Above all, we are focused on testing and simulates these risks:

  • risks of manual handling of transport packaging in transport chains
  • risks of manipulation with different types of handling equipment (forklift, pallet truck, etc.)
  • risks of packaging damage due to static and dynamic forces, shocks,
  • storage risks
  • climatic environmental risks (temperature, humidity)

We use the following tests to set up specific test procedures aimed at a wide range of our customers' needs:

  • drop tests with the possibility of measuring of the impact overload
  • tests on an inclined track simulating the action of horizontal forces and shocks exerted on packaging
  • vertical vibration tests
  • stacking (compressing) tests
  • climatic tests with controlled temperature and relative humidity

and also:

  • tests according to ISTA standards
  • tests of FIBC
  • tests of pallets
  • tests of cardboard (BCT, ECT, ...)

During the transport of goods on pallet units, there are forces applied on the packaging due to braking, cornering or in crisis situations. There may be a shift in the load on the pallet, a shift in the individual layers of goods or a complete collapse of the packaging and thus significant damage to property. We will help you make your transport of goods safer and more environmentally friendly through testing. Technicians in the CIMTO laboratory use modern testing devices to simulate the behaviour of packaging during transport, loading, unloading and during handling and storage. We can help you optimise the transport costs with respect to the environment. We professionally advise on the amount of packaging materials (film) for pallet units.

CIMTO has a range of test testing machines for simulating transportation:

  • innSlide Boomerang – horizontal stability of palette units testing
  • MTS vibrating stool - vibration tests
  • Forklift - bottom lift test
  • MTS press - stacking / pressing test

InnSlide Boomerang testing equipment

  • Horizontal impact tests can be performed in accordance with EU Directive 47/2014
  • The innSlide can be used to investigate the behaviour of packaging, e.g. pallet units, with a deceleration of up to 0.8 g (simulation of truck emergency braking or cornering loads)
  • It is also possible to use climatic chambers and prepare packages for tests in various weather conditions (temperature ± 50 ° C, relative humidity 0 to 90%)
  • Packages up to 1000 kg can be fully tested

The test results are recorded in a report with attachments to photo documentation, graphs and video. After simulating the transportation loads, the laboratory issues a test report, which includes the results of the measured values. At the customer‘s request, a Declaration can be issued, which allows more detailed comments on the measured values or a possible comparison with the initial data.

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