Our work is grounded in the authorisation of the Ministry of Transport and certification in transport packaging for dangerous goods and the relevant accreditation.

Testing of packaging - drums

The drums are manufactured from various materials and come in variations with a removable or non-removable lid.

We perform on these kinds of tests: a drop test, leak test, internal hydraulic pressure test by stacking, and vibration test according to US Code of Federal Regulation.

Testing the mechanical properties of cardboards and cardboard packaging

In our laboratory we have devoted ourselves primarily to the testing and certification of finished shipping containers. The exception is testing the mechanical properties of cardboards.

These measurements are especially required in disputes about the quality of the supplied packaging between supplier and customer, where CIMTO plays the role of the third independent part.

Centre of technical standardization

Per our 2007 contract with ÚNMZ, we have worked as the Centre of Technical Standardisation in the field of packaging,packages, packaging materials, pallets and containers. In this area we provide the coordination and implementation of the tasks of the technical standards in accordance with the plan of CEN, ISO and technical standardization in the Czech Republic.

In the framework of international cooperation in the field of standardization, we provide and collect comments on technical standards and create process summaries of the opinion for the Czech Republic, which are transmitted by ÚNMZ to the international secretariats of the CEN TC 261 and ISO TC 122, CEN TC 172, ISO TC 104, and ISO TC 51.

Testing and certification of transport packaging

Do you need to know if your packaging is suitable for material you need to transport?

We offer you testing and certification of all types of transport packaging.

Packaging designed for dangerous goods, in which our service is the most specialized, is very diverse in shape and material used in its production. Their properties are precisely defined in the international regulations for the packaging and transport of dangerous goods. They must conform with the prescribed requirements.

Each design type of packaging has its own code, which characterizes it in its blueprint, and is subsequently a part of the so-called UN CODE, which indicates successfully tested design types of packaging for dangerous goods.

Testing of packaging - wooden boxes

One of the most frequently tested and subsequently certified packaging for dangerous goods in our testing laboratory are wooden boxes. According to international regulations, they are referred to as 4C1.

In most cases these boxes are made of natural wood. Their use for packaging of dangerous goods varies, but they are mostly used for packaging and subsequent transportation of arms and ammunition.

Testing of packaging - child-resistant packaging

In recent years, there has been a development in the area of the safety of packaging for a group of the most sensitive consumers, children and the elderly. In this area CIMTO, Ltd., offers its rich experience with the testing and certification of child-resistant packaging.

The child-resistant packaging consists of a container and corresponding closure (as a finished product), which is difficult to open and whose contents are difficult to access for children in the age range of 42 to 51 months, but whose normal use is not difficult for adults. The availability of packaged content for adults is tested on the age group of 50 to 70.

Testing of packaging - flexible IBC (FIBC)

For the transport of dangerous solid or granular substances, we offer testing and subsequent certification of flexible IBC packaging.

This is packaging of plastic fabrics, which are, according to international regulations, referred to as 13H.

Testing of packaging - 4G cardboard boxes

The cardboard boxes belong to the next of a serie of tested and subsequently certified packaging for dangerous goods in our testing lab. According to the international regulations, they are referred to as 4G.

These are boxes made of cardboard, whose use for the packing of dangerous goods is different, and due to its properties, also very wide.

Testing of packaging - Medical waste

Health care facilities produce waste, which can by their nature jeopardize public health, as well as the environment, and can be the cause of disease or injury.

Therefore, in our laboratory we pay special attention to the testing and certification of packaging for these dangerous items. The lack of securing of medical waste can endanger not only the patients, but also staff, who ensure collection, transport and removal of such waste.

Testing of packaging - IBC containers

IBC containers in the original intermediate bulk containers are intended for transport and storage of dangerous liquids. We carry out testing and inspections set by international regulations.

The containers are ideal for transport and storage of larger quantities of liquids. Their use is very wide, especially in the chemical industry. Here they are used for the transport or storage of acids, gasoline, solvents, lubricants, diesel, alkalis, paints, varnishes, and oils or resins.