External ADR Safety Advisor

CIMTO offers the service of the external safety advisor for the transport of dangerous goods by road in accordance with the ADR agreement, including consultancy in the field of testing and certification of packaging for the dangerous goods.

We can help you in the following areas

  • consultation, advice and services in all phases of road transport, handling and packing of dangerous goods,
  • consulting the testing and certification of packaging for the dangerous goods,
  • support in the field of handling dangerous goods, taking into account the focus of the customer in the transport chain,
  • setting up correct procedures during transportation, in accordance with applicable regulations – minimizing possible sanctions resulting from incorrect procedures during the transportation of dangerous goods,
  • preparation of a plan for transporting high-risk dangerous goods,
  • compiling a report on an accident during transport in the ADR mode,
  • preparation of the mandatory annual report.

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