Testing of packaging for dangerous goods

In the framework of our accredited authorities we particularly focus our activity on containers intended for the packaging and transport of dangerous goods according to international agreements and transportation regulations.

We are, therefore, equipped both professionally and legally, as well as technically. This means that we can offer our customers all the necessary tests for barrels, wooden casks, cans, crates, bags, combination and composite packaging, fine metal packaging, group packaging, IBC (large containers for bulk containers) for solids flushed by gravity, flexible IBC, IBC for solids flushed under pressure, and IBC for liquid substances and for large packagings.

Technical equipment of our Accredited Testing Laboratory no. 1075 enables testing of packaging for all material variations (metal, wood, large-scale materials, cardboard, papers, plastics, glass and ceramics), where, in particular, long-term climatisation in extreme conditions is required for some materials. Take a look at our product offer.

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